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Most of our social events are based around eating. Food plays such a central role in events that it can either make or break the experience for the attendees. In times when customer expectations are constantly growing, and people are seeking more unique experiences, DONNA ITALIA provides a solution that enables you to stand out from the crowd. Entice your attendees with a genuine, all-natural, Italian pizza that is certain to exceed their expectations for a distinctive experience that is authentic, healthier and beautifully presented. We provide:

Top Quality Pizza – an all-natural, genuine Italian allure, made of the finest ingredients that Italy offers.

Cutting Edge Equipment– a small, sophisticated and portable pizza oven and equipment

Speed and Consistency only 3-minutes baking time that produces a consistent dish every time.

Cost-effectiveness ovens are provided free on loan as part of our service.

Promotional Package –Branded point of sale material i.e. posters, tent cards, takeaway boxes etc.

 Want to taste the experience? Don’t just take our word for it, contact us and one of our representatives will arrange a visit for an appetising demonstration –

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