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Great food is an essential part of the overall experience and known to provide lasting memories that are cherished long after the holiday is over. Tourists everywhere love Italian food and tend to eat more while on holiday. Nonetheless, adding quality pizza to the menu requires trained personnel along with a considerable investment in the appropriate equipment…or does it? DONNA ITALIA provides the solution, a real revolution – Genuine Italian cuisine that complies with the highest standards, without any capital investment. Our solution is:

Efficient and Easily Operated we supply all the equipment required along with a complete professional kit.

Economically Smart and Profitable– our solution does not demand capital expenditure, nor additional personnel, and even includes a complete promotional package to introduce your customers to the new service. Thus, facilitating additional income stream while taking no risks.

Top Quality– we strictly ensure compliance with stringent international quality standards. Our pizzas are 100% natural, free from artificial ingredients, baking enhancers, preservatives or sugar and made of the finest ingredients that Italy offers.

Want to taste the experience? Don’t just take our word for it, contact us and one of our representatives will arrange a visit for an appetising demonstration –


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