“Ever since I can remember, pizza has always been my favourite food. My family and friends used to smile and say, one day you will have your own pizzeria… Many years later I fulfilled my dream and opened my own pizzeria. I loved entertaining customers, baking with the best ingredients and using the most advanced techniques, while putting my passion into the business and my customers. But my dream was bigger than that; I wanted to spread the Italian spirit of happiness and passion for life – La Dolce Vita. This dream led me to founding DONNA ITALIA.” Gilad Shalom Founder & CEO Founded in 2010.

Donna Italia has become a dominant player in the international food market within a few years. We combine a strong sense of local tradition with advanced manufacturing skills and cutting-edge technology, through years of perfection and ongoing investment in research and development. We aspire to spread the Italian spirit of happiness and passion for life, via a healthier, genuine eating option to one of the world’s most favourite foods. And yes, we insist on introducing slow-food values to the fast-food jungle.


Our research and development process, that is constantly evolving, lasted over 3 years and resulted in a perfetto (we use Italian at times…) 3-minute solution that is – simple, clever, consistent and cost-effective
Our continued investment in r&d has enabled us to provide the best possible combination between hand-made quality and production based result.
We continue to push the boundaries of innovation by constantly reviewing our operational model that aims to enhance the business success of our customers.


The definition of a premium food lies in the quality of its ingredients.

Meticulously selected, the ingredients we use are all from Emilia-Romagna, long known as the home to Italy’s best food.

Made with Italian passion, and baked with absolute precision, our pizzas are all-natural, wholesome and genuine, FREE from artificial ingredients, preservatives, baking enhancers and sugar.


We constantly seek to hear “the voice of our customers” and deliver accordingly solutions that meet consumers’ needs and preferences.

Global health & wellness surveys indicate that –

Maintaining an active and health-conscious lifestyle has become a major priority.
Consumers are increasingly favouring higher-quality, natural, tasty food.
Consumers are willing to pay more for foods that are deemed all natural.
The rising demand for healthier, natural foods has diffused into restaurants, cafes and catering services.
We only use all-natural ingredients

and strictly ensure our products are FREE from artificial ingredients, and preservatives.


Italy’s culture is deep-rooted in its love of food – enjoying traditional, high-quality food and enjoying it with family and friends.

Implementing best practices from Italy’s culture and gastronomic treasure – our solution is based on simplicity, passion and high- quality ingredients – all aimed to provide maximum flavour with minimal effort.

Buon Appetito!


Donna Italia has become a dominant player in the international food market within a few years.

Millions of customers around the world enjoy our products & services via our partners in the US, Australia, India, South east Asia, Europe, Latin America and Israel


Our customers are our partners in success.

We constantly strive to understand their needs and challenges and provide a quality, professional and complete solution that equips our partners with a competitive advantage.

We are constantly expanding our global reach and avidly seek new opportunities for further growth through valuable partnerships.